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GTS - 2015


May 16-17, 2015

WHAT is it all about


The GTS ('Grande Torneio do Sul') is an annual miniature gamming meet-up that, for the first time, takes place in the beautiful city of Coimbra (Portugal).



We are proud to announce the main events of GTS 2015, which include 4 different tournaments (including a paiting tournament) and a set of side-events including demos, show-cases, and an after-party.


We offer the participants the opportunity to play Warhammer 40k, Warhammer and Warmahordes, as well as trying out other formats such as SAGA, EPIC, Battlegroup...


Keep paying attention as we unveil more events, and publish the different tournaments rules.


Just wait!...




Register now! 


Are you going to miss this opportunity!! Choose the format you want to play and come join us in GTS 2015 - Coimbra.


Come and meet old friends and make new ones in this awesome event.


And remember... if you don't want to participate in any of the four main tournaments, just show up and try-out all the demos and visit the different showcases, FOR FREE!! 



Don't forget to register until 15/05/2015, and get a discount. 
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